IDEA Expert Workshop on the risk assessment of pre- and pro-haptens
June 16 and 17, 2015
Preceeded by the Hydroperoxides TF meeting (Monday June 15)

Martin's Château du Lac

Avenue du Lac 87
1332 Genval

Phone: +32 2 655 71 11


The price per room including Breakfast, taxes, services charges and VAT in a single room is €199 (Double room €219)

As decided during the May 28-29, 2013 Workshop on pre- and pro-haptens, the development of new, but also the validation of existing analytical methodologies is a key requirement for their risk assessment. A Task Force was established to specifically address the issue of hydroperoxide formation and analysis. The next Hydroperoxide TF meeting is scheduled on Monday June 15, 2015. The latest developments on the analytical methodology will be discussed. 


The Agenda will follow shortly. In case of any questions, please contact Mrs. Niamh Whiteley ( / Tel: +32 2 214 20 66).


On May 28-29, 2013, IDEA brought together leading dermatology, toxicology and chemistry experts to review the current understanding of biological and chemical mechanisms involved in pre- and pro-haptens activity, and consider the potential implications for risk assessment.  The workshop produced a range of recommendations to identify and characterize pre- & pro-haptens, ranging from chemical characterization to confirmation through clinical studies. 


The second Workshop, scheduled for June 16 and 17, 2015 in Genval, Belgium, is designed as an ‘Expert’ WS specifically focusing on an improved mechanistic understanding of pre- and pro hapten formation as well as on progressing the analytical development for following hapten formation from pre/pro haptens in raw materials and finished products as well as on the skin. 


Please SAVE THE DATE for a follow up WS on October 20 and 21, 2015 in Brussels. This meeting will then bridge what will be worked out in the June Expert WS and progressed over the summer, with the clinical findings. 


The Agenda will follow shortly. In case of any questions, please contact Mrs. Niamh Whiteley ( / Tel: +32 2 214 20 66).